Spring 2: White Dolphin

A beautiful tale that makes us question… Does what is inside of us determine our beauty?


We love visiting the library during our lessons! We love reading!
















We explored P4C in our english lesson today.

We explored different themes in the first chapter of our book generated a philosophical question.


We then voted and this was our question that we had agreed on.

“Should we ever judge someone by their looks?”


And our discussion began…


Autumn 2: Frank Einstein and the evo blaster belt!

Shhh! Don’t tell Miss Piercy about our naughty writing, exploring what has happened so far in the book. 


Does your conscious get the better of you? Let’s find out with conscious alley!

Should our main character make this big decision?

Can we analyse a newspaper in order to write our own? OF COURSE WE CAN!

Let’s introduce the book with our… BOOK BREAKFAST!